Berette Macaulay is a photo-based/mixed media artist whose portfolio includes studies in traditional and conceptual portraiture, documentary, land/cityscapes, and abstract visuals. Her images are often inspired by themes of Identity, Memory,  Spirituality, Technology, and Transculturalism, and their effects on our internal life, and our intimate and social relationships.  Her creative practice includes photo-based mixed media and installation using digital, alternative, and analog work processes.  She also enjoys working  collaboratively on interdisciplinary projects with performers, choreographers, filmmakers, and writers. Berette is interested in creating work that reveals the source of our conflicts within, as a subversive yet therapeutic effort to resolve them.

Berette was born in Sierra Leone of West African/Dominican/German-Czech descent. She was raised in Jamaica and the UK, is now based in the US.  Her creative background is in the performing arts as an actor, dancer, theater technician, and as a writer.  She has created, published, and exhibited works in Costa Rica,  Germany, Hong Kong, Jamaica, UK, and cities within the US.

Partial Exhibition History HERE
She also works under the name SeBiArt™.

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